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Topic: Kick Kivuitu out..NOW! - jaribu  [154 views | 3 replies]
Tuesday, October 30, 2007 09:02
What's all the hullabaloo of wanting Kivuitu's term to be extended? Let's face it,even if it was extended,  constitutionally he would still have to leave in an election year of 2012! I mean the old mzee has been on the chair for over a decade! It's time he was kicked out to go herd his goats thank you ver much! And if he was to die today (God forbid) will ODM ask for elections to be cancelled? Hellooo,confidence should be bestowed on the whole ECK institution not one old mzee who was seen dancing with the oranges after they had won the referendum. Get packing old man!

There's a hero in YOU...
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Kick Kivuitu out..NOW! [Evolve]
Tuesday, October 30, 2007 10:22

I think these are some of the things that MPs should be judged on. What lessons are there to be learnt and how can the ECK appointments be made? My take is that ECK members should be appointed for one term under a clear legislation (the current one is clear hopefully to all) and not a gentleman's understanding.

Kivuitu has already said it all that these politicians should not cry when they slept on the job. After all when these "gentlemen" are not there,will the "understanding" still be  valid?

This or die in office [Jimmy]
Tuesday, October 30, 2007 09:44

Jaribu,I concur with you. The fact that the commisioners enjoy a constitutional term of 5 years means that their terms shall always end just before a General election. If the argument that you can not change them just before an election was to hold,it then means that they would have to die in office for them to be replaced.

In any case the same guys pushing for his contract renewal are of the view that Old men have no business in leading and that is one of their campaign strong point,i.e. Kibaki is too old to be relected. The last time I checked,Kivuitu was not "young". So unless they defined to us how old is old,Kivuitu remains a candidate for retirement

Kick Kivuitu out..NOW! [dijkstra]
Tuesday, October 30, 2007 09:36

Jaribu u r right;

If the ECK chairman term expires in Dec 2 and many think that his tenure should be renewed to guarantee free and fair polls,then it means he will never retire from his job. Reason: the next time his term expires (if renewed) will be Dec 2 2012 just a few days to a general election; then it will be important again to renew his tenure to guarantee free and fair polls. Is he a life ECK chairman??
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