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Topic: OCH Nosediving? - slykat  [185 views | 5 replies]
Tuesday, October 30, 2007 16:54
Hi Stocksmates,

Does anyone know why OCH has been on a free-fall in the past few weeks? I bought at 17.90 and its now 14.90. Is the worst part over or should I cut my losses and run?

Whats the deal with this share anyway? I must admit I bought into OCH without quite having researched its trade,fundamentals and prospects! Anyone who has researched this company,I would be happy to hear your views.

Ahsanteni na siasa kando tafadhali,am a catholic bishop. Oops,I made up that last bit!

When buying shares,ask yourself,would you buy the whole company?
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Good Stock [nyari]
Wednesday, October 31, 2007 07:58

I bought quite a sizeable amount both for speculative purposes and long term. I'm looking at the company's future prospects and they look great. It's diversified and in three countries......

The construction boom in southafrica is also a factor particularly with the worldcup just around the corner.

Market is down across the board [VituVingiSana]
Tuesday, October 30, 2007 17:37

It seems the effect of the following factors:
- Elections
- Safaricom's "pending" OFS
- Xmas/Holidays

have affected market sentiment. Most shares are "down". It is tough to know whether they will stay that way for long but expect the status quo until AFTER elections.

Whether it is Raila or Kibaki,the economy is moving forward. I was disappointed by Raila's silly comment about GOK's stake in KQ & forcing KQ do transport drugs!

OCHL should benefit from increased construction in Kenya & S.Africa.

Greedy when others are fearful,Very fearful when others are greedy - to paraphrase WB
@StartingOver [slykat]
Tuesday, October 30, 2007 17:18

Thanks a bagful for ur tips. StartingOver,I take your question seriously and the answer is yes! I may be ignorant of insider knowledge,yet I do not OCH is a poitical company considering its history and intl presence.

Indeed if I had Ksh. 600M,I would buy the thing by Xmas! For now,I am trying to reach 10000shares. In fact,I will not be buying SafCom. When you guys get your refunds in January,you will make  us millionairs.

I just wanted to confirm whether the OCH slump is based on fundamentals. But if its just the rights speculators offloading coupled with the general crunch at NSE,then yes I would buy the whole company especially at this time.

Caveat! Am not an expert,so do not take my views to the bank,lest you burn your SafCom warchest!

When buying shares,ask yourself,would you buy the whole company?
OCH Nosediving? [cindano]
Tuesday, October 30, 2007 17:02

Maybe this would help...

look at who represents who or what in OCH....

then look at the political climate...

then deduce...

Kila kitu kiasi...kazi...kula...kucheza...kunywa...hata ujinga
OCH Nosediving? [StartingOver]
Tuesday, October 30, 2007 17:01

Its hard to determine if this stock is nosediving or not given that the whole market is affected.  I would suggest,give it at least until after the elections and see which way it goes.  I bought their rights at .60 cts and so now I am at 14.60 and watching keenly.

And on a light note,would you buy the whole company?  Just a dose of your own medicine.

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