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Capital World
Step 1- CDS A/C Opening and Registration
-To apply for Safaricom IPO, you must have a CDS account. If you already have one, you need to register it with us. Kindly download the form here to complete it and sign. Scan and email together with a passport photo and an I.D/ passport copy to [email protected]
-The CDS A/C will be opened in 24hrs and you will be adviced on e-mail

Step 2- Go to and complete the application form. You will receive a reference number.

Step 3-
Give us the reference number on email [email protected] and make payment to the below bank account

Sterling Investment Bank Ltd
Stanbic Bank, Kenyatta Avenue Branch
A/C 0140080101902


Sterling Investment Bank Ltd
Equity Bank, Kimanthi Street Branch
A/C 0260291595043

Step 4-
Scan your bank deposit slip and mail to [email protected] This will serve as proof of payment.

l Efficient and timely trading.
l Seeking best prices deals.
l Safaricom IPO coming soon!
l Advice on strategies to maximise allocation and profits on IPO's.
l We facilitate application for remote clients and even clients abroad.
l Conversion of share certificates into CDS system.
l Speedy immobilisation
l Agents for British American Asset Managers Limited the fastest growing mutual fund in Kenya.
l Mutual fund based on real estate investment.
l New product in the local economy.
l Potentially very high capital growth.
l We offer advice in line with Strategic Investment to enable clients achieve set goals.
l Free Investment advice
l Continuous advice and prompts.

Vincent Kimani- Investment Consultant
Posta Sacco Plaza, University way
7th Floor room 02
P.O Box 17911- 00100 Nairobi
Tel +254 725 944 773
email [email protected]
Unicorn Capital Partners
In today’s business environment, which is characterised by tremendous interest and growth in demand for modern investment instruments it is important to find a solid partner who you can walk with towards long-term value for your investment and short-term protection. Protecting your wealth and building a solid investment portfolio requires sophisticated strategies that take into account financial opportunities and risks worldwide. It takes professionals with leadership and vision to guide investors to their financial freedom.

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