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Topic: Stocks kenya...anti kikuyu - gashoroge  [373 views | 12 replies]
Sunday, October 28, 2007 18:26
Why does whoever manages this site close forums discussing issues about Kikuyu.Hell! Let us be bashed and we respond.dont close topics when we havent finished can as well close thise site!or lock out kikuyus.Kasia!

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Kikuyus being paid to bash Raila in SK [matamu]
Monday, October 29, 2007 21:18

Kikuyus are being paid to create blogs targeting Raila to console themselves. This has been confirmed and many of them are actually working in an internet cafe along jogoo road. This is a foolish waste of time.
Stocks kenya...anti kikuyu [Kaigangio]
Monday, October 29, 2007 19:08

@ eddiemundu,

heko eddie for the information.

Some other guys in another post were jumping out of their skins just because pnu and the church have said that majimbo will cause tribal crashes (these guys are forgetting that just before 1992 when the debate,debate only, on majimbo was started it caused tribal clashes), and they label these as lies.

raila tells blatant lies and it is okey with them. damn hypocrites!!!!!!!!!

KHAT DEBATE [Eddiemundu]
Monday, October 29, 2007 18:59

@ Ikonini

Sorry i had posted a Barb for you instead of a thanx..

Easy jo..



Siafu Ndume Omundu!

Stocks kenya...anti kikuyu [ikonini]
Monday, October 29, 2007 18:53


that i wouldnt agree with you more,

its called reading in between the lines.

well placed

stock trading is a matter of timing.a minute can make you lose or gain a million box.
Monday, October 29, 2007 18:45

Monday,October 29,2007 15:41

Dear Brothers and sisters,

According to Hon Raila among "Other Promises "   KQ and other Establishments,Private or Public after ODM Takes Over,they will have to think  twice Or Else....

This is what he said in MERU over the weekend;

  • The Government owns 75% of KENYA AIRWAYS and therefore the ODM Government will Give it a Directive to Ferry MIRAA (Khat)!

Mr Waiting President i beg to differ. KQ is a Private Entity and you cannot give Directives on how it should Operate or what they must Ferry! For your Information,KQ's Structure reads as Follows;

 (Dutch carrier KLM owns 26% of Kenya Airways,the Kenyan government 23% and the rest of the shares (51%)are traded on the Nairobi and Uganda Stock Exchanges.)

The only way to make the Govnt a Major Share holder is by Taking over Private Ownership by Reversing the 1996 IPO !

  • Kenya Airways Operates under International Aviation Guidelines and it is a member of IATA,SKYWARDS TEAM among other Aviation Bodies and it is a signitory to Global anti-Narcotics Declarations that Shun all manner of anti social Drugs and Narcotis among them MIRAA ! I believe the  International Airline that did the last narcotics Haul was Afhganistan Airlines!

Even Personal  Medical Drugs need a supporting Prescription to go on board.

I stand to be Corrected

Now that you are Promising too much what do we as KQ Shareholders Read!

Will you push Directives down the throats of Private Companies among other Publicly Quoted ones...and so what is the FATE OF NSE JUST ONE WEEK AFTER YOUR ASSURANCE that NSE is Safe??

Please guys Wake up and Listen to Raila b4 you Vote him In !!

Siafu Ndume Omundu!
Stocks kenya...anti kikuyu [m.Bulls]
Monday, October 29, 2007 18:19

Honestly,if one feels he or she is doing a favour to a certain community by using products originating from that side,just go ahead and mobilize people to do that.In-fact you can even stop breathing the air generated by trees grown from that area and tell your followers to follow suit.
Stocks kenya...anti kikuyu [Kaigangio]
Monday, October 29, 2007 18:07


Why not publish a wall paper and hang it on a wall in your bedroom

Since you are so desperate for my answer here it is:

As shaplin clearly put  it ".............. and stop crying out like small babies".

I am not affiliated to any tribe as i stated in the post " What is in a tribe....Nothing" if you read it neither am I celebrating any screening of the luos by the landlords,if you read my thread comprehensively and i would suggest you open it again and re-read.

So,if you guys are being screened by the landlords,why dont you go and buid your own houses. The landlords own them property and they reserve the right to let them to any body they wish,you dont have any rights over them.

Mr POD lets be practical about one thing and not hypothetical as you are trying to be. I may laugh at you but do not ever imagine that a hyena will cry for you. if you know what I mean.

Stocks kenya...anti kikuyu [Shaplin]
Monday, October 29, 2007 12:03

If they dont want to use milk from central,they can take water. They can even walk if they dont want to use City hoppers.......They is an open business to every Kenyan. You can decide to start a milk factory in north eastern if you wish and if you have the capital required. Whats makes pple think that anything owned by central province is demonic. Kweli siasa ni chafu. If you are a luo or  ogiek,whats makes you think that you cannot build a flat in Nairobi and a kikuyu be the tenant??? You guys you are just making these fellow central province get superiors and feel good day by day. Just wakeup and offer compe in these areas of opportunities and stop crying out like small babies. Kwani all matatus are labeled kamau and njoroge? you can even buy yours and do business like anybody else. Whether Raila or Kibaki wins,Kikuyus will always be taking advantage of any chance available,be it kuuza makaa,kiosks etc and the next few months the guy is putting a flat or having one or two matatus. Guys,lets continue sleeping...................................waaai...waaaai....Kikuyus are stealing us................forever..Amen.

Wide diversification is only required when investors do not understand what they are doing.
Kaigangio - closed thread [POD]
Monday, October 29, 2007 11:42



to celebrate the fact that some idiots are screening luos before sub-letting their houses to them,and if there is actually someone doing that they must belong to the stone age.

Let me ask you

what do you think will happen if Kenyans in solidarity stood with the luos and stopped using Milk products from Central province.

 Brookside,Fresher,Limuru milk,Mt Kenya milk,Illara and the likes.

And what if they pulled out of Equity bank,family finance etc.

And what if they stopped using city hopper.

The list is endless.Please answer me.


(People should try to use their brains it helps.)

Stocks kenya...anti kikuyu [POD]
Monday, October 29, 2007 11:15



            Mtaalam: When and who persecuted the Kikuyus.


Your comment is very interesting.


C’mon!! Really….. Really….. we got to stop these tribal overtones.



If you want facts,then they will be brought and you will say you are being persecuted. Otherwise most of us have chosen the highroad and look away.

Stocks kenya...anti kikuyu [mtaalam]
Monday, October 29, 2007 09:26

Why do you want to respond to the bashing anyway? If you're confident and happy with who you are then words should not break your bones... Knowing the history of kyuks,they've been able to survive all kinds of persecutions and come out stronger from before independence...

Happy trading...
Stocks kenya...anti kikuyu [stockskenya]
Sunday, October 28, 2007 20:04

This topic was closed as it was taking a rather tribalistic slant. While we have been liberal in allowing posts outside of stocks and related topics,with political discussions during this time the country is going through,topics that threaten to go out of hand will be closed or deleted.

We do not mind criticism and ideas if they can be used to improve the quality of discussion on
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