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knowing the demand &supply; of shares. (General - Stocks) jmichi 27 N/A 11:30
How do you maintain liquidity? (General Discussion) Sasha 1 N/A 11:30
IDP FUND -IPO ( 30billion??how long/short will the Queues be?) (General Discussion) Eddiemundu 1 N/A 11:27
Used Cars () vgits 15 N/A 11:24
Housing in Langata () Pirate 1 N/A 11:20
CRIME MOB AUTHORITY (General Discussion) c_mk 10 N/A 11:18
HFCK (General - Stocks) Mwenyekiti 1 N/A 11:15
NIC (General - Stocks) boro 7 N/A 11:14
cctv monitors () goodluck 3 N/A 11:12
Safcom Allocation! (General - Stocks) Richie 11 N/A 11:11
Hfck (General Discussion) Sober 2 N/A 11:10
Car Hire/Rental () raw_sushi 17 11:07
ACCESS!!!! (General - Stocks) Altoo 11 N/A 11:04
NBK- What would W Buffet say? (General - Stocks) sisinisisinini? 11 10:59
Baniani!! () vgits 4 N/A 10:53
KCB??? (General Discussion) notorious 1 N/A 10:53
Safaricom Refunds should Finance IDP Resettlement ! (General Discussion) Eddiemundu 5 N/A 09:51
MARKET ANALYSIS (General - Stocks) stocksmaster 3 N/A 09:41
SAFCOM @10bob (General - Stocks) bert 1 N/A 09:27
Seeking Apartment to buy in Westirads () JkMwatha 15 N/A 09:01
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knowing the demand &supply; of shares.[27]
safcom allocation![11]
nbk- what would w buffet say?[11]
market analysis[3]
safcom @10bob[1]
Other Discussions
how do you maintain liquidity?[1]
idp fund -ipo ( 30billion??how long/short will the queues be?)[1]
used cars [15]
housing in langata[1]
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