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Topic: French president calls "mwananchi" PUMBAVU - PONDI  [189 views | 0 replies]
Tuesday, February 26, 2008 22:24

I thought only ours had such bad manners,but it seems even the French one has learned a thing or two from Baks....check below....bastard in swahili is  pumbavu...

"Mr Sarkozy is seen moving through the crowd at an agricultrual show on Saturday when the man tells him: “Oh no,don’t touch me.”

The president,still smiling,responds: “Get lost,then.”

“You disgust me,” the man says.

Get lost,you stupid bastard,” Sarkozy fires back.

Mr Sarkozy’s outburst at the hugely popular farm show was caught on video at a time when Mr Sarkozy is struggling with a steep drop in his approval ratings.

“It’s not because you’re the president that you become someone you can wipe your feet with,” Mr Sarkozy said in the interview

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