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Topic: Congratulations Kenyans!!!! - young  [566 views | 10 replies]
Friday, February 29, 2008 01:45
[sticky post]

I am very very happy to hear the good news that a truce has been reached. I pray both parties should look at it as a win-win situation.

Karibu giant of East Africa,Karibu Wananchi. Please Kenyans unite you are the hope of East Africa,the biggest economy in that part of mother Africa.

Foreigners like us see you as Kenyans,we are not interested in which tribe you belong,

I am still a lonely voice suggesting that the Mar 1 meeting should be a time of sober reflection of SK family not partying. I believe it is not too late in the meeting to deliberate on which little way SK community should contribute their widows mite to reduce the suffering and donate towards the rehabiltation of displaced over 500,000 kenyans who were automatically made to become refugees in their countries and neigbouring Uganda and Tanzania. My heart goes to the family of over 600 dead ones,the unfortunate matyrs of Kenyan politics!!!

I and my family love Kenya not becsause I invest in NSE,my opinion about Kenyans as warm and hospitable people has not changed. But Kenyans should extends this friendship to all tribes because charity begins at home.

Kenyans have no other country they can call their own other than Kenya irrespective of the tribe.

It is not yet Uhuru because a lot has to be done on reconciliation,rehabilitation and reconstructions because of the recent crisis.

Kenyans please keep the hope alive. Africa love you,the world love you.

Bravo SK for your neutrality throughout the crisis.

Best Regards


Lagos,  Nigeria


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You have been one of us. [on the move]
Saturday, March 01, 2008 14:58


Thanks for your encouraging words.
I've been following your posts and its like i feel your one of us.

Thanks Man.

Congratulations Kenyans!!!! [stud]
Friday, February 29, 2008 18:16

Thanx young.

I hope Kenyans can rise up and forge ahead as one nation.
Its going to be a long road healing the wounds of all those who are hurting but hopefully we will finally do that

The politicians have gotten what they wanted but I think all of us have been deeply divided along tribal lines as so evidenced by posts on SK.We need healing and reconciliation

May God heal our nation

Congratulations Kenyans!!!! [Dizzy]
Friday, February 29, 2008 14:55

Thanks Young.... Well now that the New year has really begun lets see how much REAL money we can make

Strike while the iron is hot
Congratulations Kenyans!!!! [better service]
Friday, February 29, 2008 10:55

Apart from the chaos,Kenya has set a good example for other African countries to follow in power devolution,more democracy and rejecting rigged elections. Accountability will now improve and this means more wealth for the poor. Nigerians should not accept rigged elections too.

Thanx [Mbenje]
Friday, February 29, 2008 10:21

Thanks young,i at no one time underestimated the Kenyan mwanainchi. I never gave up a minute and we great Kenyans have finally been rewarded. We need to work more closely than ever before. It is our time to soldier on.

I'm deeply sorry for whatever happened.

Congratulations Kenyans!!!! [xtine]
Friday, February 29, 2008 09:52

i personally think that we at stocks Kenya too need to heal. we hve lots of pent up emotions bent on the kind of posts we write. i feel that this party is the way to go as a way of revelling in our various diversities and realizing our joy of being Kenyans again.... I personally look 4ward to meeting pple like Gabriel I am not very sure abt sahara coz am positive tht the bratha is a certified lunatic but it will be a great thing............

then maybe once there we can cme up with an idea of what to do for the IDPs......

Congratulations Kenyans!!!! [Gex]
Friday, February 29, 2008 09:37

Thank you Young

God Bless Africa God Bless Kenya.

Yes Kenyans are indegenous people and they can go through the worst of circinstances but eventually resurface as WINNERS!! History has taught Kenyans. They have learnt from their shortcomings and i can say for sure that Kenya is going to emerge much more stronger both politically and economically.

The path to Development is a long path but where there is a Will there is a Way. What i encourage other Kenyans who are overseas is to come back to Kenya and develop Kenya. Think what you can give Kenya but not what Kenya gave you.

This is a new chapter for all of us a new beginning and a new dawn.

We must walk together into brotherhood and develop Kenya to give our future generations a bright and prosperous future and to know that they truly belong to a proud nation and motherland called KENYA.

Asante na Mungu a bariki.

thanks young [innocent]
Friday, February 29, 2008 09:23

I always find your posts very informative,sober and inspiring. Thanks. I agree with you totally about the 'party' thingy on Mar 1. There are still displaced people in this country. Others must now start mourning for loved ones they never had a chance to bury as they fled. Yes,we are all happy about the settlement of the dispute; but this is hardly time to celebrate or go into drinking binges.

Let me make a suggestion,instead of the party,why can't we all contribute at least US$ 10 each (Kenyans can convert into KShs and send via m-pesa or drop at SK offices). The money could be sent to SK (perhaps SK can open a paypal acct. to facilitate payment by those outside Kenya),who will then submit it to the Kenya Red Cross. It's the least we can do.

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an eye for an eye leaves behind a blind nation. [Sober]
Friday, February 29, 2008 08:34

thanks young.

that is our character. only that the few in our community misled the masses to act the way they did.

otherwise i take this chance to apologise on behalf of kenyans for what happened.

A ship in harbour is safe,but that is not what ships are built for. St. Bede
an eye for an eye leaves a blind nation. [Sober]
Friday, February 29, 2008 08:33

thanks young.

that is our character. only that the few in our community misled the masses to act the way they did.

otherwise i take this chance to apologise on behalf of kenyans for what happened.

A ship in harbour is safe,but that is not what ships are built for. St. Bede
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