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Topic: need a good agent - Bosiboss  [477 views | 8 replies]
Friday, February 29, 2008 12:20
am looking for a good agent who is financially intelligent and trustworthy. what are your thoughts on dealing with an agent instead of the broking firms. thanks

After all a friend must get behind you to stab u in the back
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Books [jammo]
Friday, February 29, 2008 21:40

1. One up wallstreet by peter lynch. 2.Robert Kiyosaki series..Rich dad poor dad,cashflow quadrant n Guide to investing. 3.Good to Great by Jim Collins. Thea's a book bein done by Saatchi's book club Reminiscences of a stock operator by jesse livesmore

need a good agent [sophie]
Friday, February 29, 2008 19:38


stud,u can start with 'What I didn't learn at school but wish i had' by Jamie Mcintyre. for a free download of the e-book go to the following link and request for  your free e-book.

need a good agent [stud]
Friday, February 29, 2008 18:05


What are the books please.....
Do you believe they made a difference

The Booklist [Chaka]
Friday, February 29, 2008 17:13


Looks like the broker had not read or understood the books he recommended!!

Which books were these ? And what is the order of usefulness of the books ?

No need.... [Njung'e]
Friday, February 29, 2008 15:58

Very well said Jammo........Why make money for someone??........Take charge.....Those guys are not magicians and in the end you can stand your own folly rather than that of a bloke you never new.....My 2 cents though...
Its your life!! [jammo]
Friday, February 29, 2008 15:42

Contrary to popular belief you don't need someone to tell you what to do with your money..after all if you didn't earn it it ain't supposed to be yours!!.. Investing..the same coz until you find someone who feels what you passionate about what you are passionate about..sees your vision..dreams and goals as to why you are doing what you are will jump from broker to broker agen to agent n end up frustrated!!! Brokers and agents execute what you say.Just coz they stay at the market all day long doesn'tt make em geniuses..after many people had there brokers tell em buy stanchart there' abonus coming up ..or equity's going thro the roof..or sasini is the stock to watch..or buy kcb today at 28.50..and reason to buy...well.. rights issue they the same with hfck..But wait a minute..if you'v been in this market long will recognise similarities to mboga and mifugo sokos!!! ITs demand and supply...You can study that. Whatever you do in the market..including blunders..brokers make there cut.Period. Do terms of trading you need a good aepresentative..agent or broker to whom you are really personal n they do what you say!! Period..note the other way round. They advice..not call shots. In terms of investing..stick with sound companies..fundamentally. No profit last three touching that company. Other new of sijui p/e ratios is bla bla..eps went up,divident ratio... thats all chest thumpin and ego blowing trying to prove whose smatter now.!!! Back in 05..i had 6k..went to buy kengen..met a broker who stopped me and gave me a list of three books to buy and read over six months and call with any question... Fast forward.. am managing a portfolio now of per january 30th,08...interestingly the same broker had guy buy kplc at 280..n in a week it went down to 227... Its what you know,where your passions lie,what you intend to achieve that will give you to becom survvy.Brokers and agens are a means to an end.. YOU DECIDE WHAT DO DO WITH YOUR MONEY.. I suggest..take charge. Either study the most you can.or let decisions be made for you. Am an agent..not by choice but coz no one around me is as passionate..Its boring really..especially if client is doing stocks coz its the "in thing' You can do it yourself. It drives me made when guys complain about nyaga yet if you were interested to do your homework you wouldn.t have been in nyaga in the 1st place ONE THEME always prevalent in our n\market..CROWDS NEVER LEARN..Todday guys were rather massaccred at the prices they bought things... i have guys who sold out last week coz they read it here and are buying back at so high prices and all brokers and agents got there cut... In 6 months one ca get a cpa certification.. in 6months why don't study into you own certification in stocks!! We attach too much importance to brokers.

KARIBU. [shanice]
Friday, February 29, 2008 13:34

we at capital world limited are an agency currently of standard investment bank,since we want to enlarge our client base to greater heights.. we provide online services,frequent updates via telephone,and even personal deliveries for your statements and cheques. we have experience in these field for the last seven years!actually we have managed to win a few from this site.we believe in good and efficient services for our customer needs. we have a very friendly staff that enable you to comfortably express yourself as per your investments are concerned,thus we bridge the gap betwwen you and the brokers.on the home page you should see our advertisement banner,or alternatively meet me tommorow.ciao.

u got one life to live...give it your best shot!!
Agents. [albertross]
Friday, February 29, 2008 12:41

@ Bosibori. Agents serve two roles,they save you the time in managing and growing your portfolio and as people who are in touch with the goings on in the market they give well researched advice.

If you come to the SK party tomorrow you will meet me and I am an agent,we can talk,if you cannot come my email address is available you can drop me a line any time.

Deal wisely!!

Thinking is THINK!!
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