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Unicorn Capital Partners - Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Invest with Unicorn Capital Partners
 In today’s business environment, which is characterised by tremendous interest and growth in demand for modern investment instruments it is important to find a solid partner who you can walk with towards long-term value for your investment and short-term protection. Protecting your wealth and building a solid investment portfolio requires sophisticated strategies that take into account financial opportunities and risks worldwide. It takes professionals with leadership and vision to guide investors to their financial freedom. This is the domain of Unicorn Capital Partners. Unicorn Capital Partners offers consultancy in investment and market research. We seek to provide tailored investment solutions to meet individual client profiles. Unicorn Capital Partners’ vision is to create an investment and entrepreneurship culture among Kenyans by providing innovative investment solutions for individuals and businesses.

Investing in stocks can be highly profitable, especially in an emerging market like Kenya. But picking the right stocks and avoiding risky companies in a market that is increasingly becoming dominated by noisy traders requires deep industry insight and pertinent knowledge. Our equity research comprises industry, trade, economic, current and sentiments analysis that delivers right decisions.

Our service to retail investors interested in investing in stocks is Individual Portfolio Management. The securities traded remain in the title of our clients. Our clients derive tremendous benefit from our ability to harness expertise in two investment disciplines: value and growth backed by strong research.

Value: We take advantage of market overreactions in order to profit from undervalued companies. We seek to determine whether a companies stock is cheap or expensive by conducting fundamental analysis.

Growth: We scrutinize every company we invest in. The reason is to understand the nature of the business, the industry prospects, the management so as to determine its growth potential and forecast its share price.

This service is supported by, which allows clients to view their portfolios, track company performance and related news items and analyse different stocks. also allows for one to place buy, sell, or withdraw orders online.

We succeed when our clients succeed. By providing the highest quality products and services, we ensure that our clients meet their goals.

Questions or comments?
E-mail us at: [email protected]
or call +254 20 2722348; +254 20 3001574
NSSF Building, 12th Floor
Eastern Wing, Block A
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