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Topic: "Golden Bull" run coming soon!!! - Gex  [869 views | 5 replies]
Wednesday, March 12, 2008 13:02

Buy Buy Buy those underpriced stocks and you will not regret.

KCB,NIC,KQ,Kengen are amongst the movers on the Golden Bull Run.

Watch this space!!

KCB-Buy 27-28 Sell 35-40

NIC-Buy 58-59 Sell 65-70

KQ-Buy 48-50 Sell 60-65

Kengen-Buy 25-27 Sell 35-40

I do not need to explain the fundamentals since all the above are solid companies with a pontential to grow their business.

@Ugandan-Buy now or else you may miss the bus!!! Like Sober put it "You will be laughing your way to the bank" True Safcom will have its effects on other counters but for a short term only. My advise if you are holding any of the above stocks dont sell now.

OK a case study:-

XYZ had invested Kshs1,000,000/- on the stock market.

His holding:- 40,000 KCB Shares bought at Kshs25/- each.

Thinking that this counter was depressed with the coming of the safaricom IPO he decided to liquidate his holding.

Sells:- 40,000 KCB Shares @ Kshs 27/-


He than applies for the Safaricom IPO Kshs5/- per share

After 3 months he receives his allocation-2000 shares and a refund Kshs 990,000/-

Safaricom is now trading at Kshs25/- so he now liquidates his holding of 2000 shares.


He now wants to invest the balance of Kshs990,000/- into KCB but this time round it is trading at Kshs35

XYZ now wonders:-

His total profit-Kshs80,000/-(KCB) + Kshs40,000(Safcom)= Kshs120,000

Had he decided to sell his KCB holding at this time-40,000 shares @ Kshs35 (Kshs10/- per share profit)-Kshs400,000/-

So what is sweeter-Honey or sugar?????

@Enigma-My advice your decision

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Golden Bull" run coming soon!!! * [enigma]
Thursday, March 13, 2008 10:49


U do understand that a good company doesnt necessarily make a good stock!

What's the tym frame to get those gains since its all about the pV of money.That return one year from now is nothing!

Finaly,if u r gonna provide such tips .......pliz accompany with some basic analysis to justify ur position-who knows,maybe u have already bought them n want to push up prices then exit.....

Genuine concerns.

Miracle Baby
eh! eh! [jammo]
Thursday, March 13, 2008 10:13

Gex..... Nice revision there. studies can't predict human behaviour... a stock is as good as who wants it..if people want it it will go up..if matter how good it is..fundamentally or won't rise nyet!!! Thus why we can't guarantee what stock goes up. There's been a correction this week..holders of access,kcb,nic,rea vipingo..cant complain much.. but think dude who bought equity at 170 bearely 6 days ago..fundamentals strong but the only way i will pay 176 (for him to make something) depends on how much i really want it..fundamentals aside.. we need both fundamentals and tecnical stuff..(read speculative) Equity is excellent..just more excellent at 150-154 than 170..(this is just an illustration) Fundamentals give you peace at night....KQ fundamentals keep you awake!...5years in market..2 years aggressiv active tend burn fingers alot..and make also some wild returns..forgive me for sounding negative or bein cynical.This market does that to you.

"Golden Bull" run coming soon!!! [Sober]
Thursday, March 13, 2008 09:04

that is his opinion. you hav eyours.








cant you see verything will be heading south during the IPO. so there is nothing like gains. its a win win situation.

stash lots of cash for this thing and you will be smiling all the way to the bank by the time kimunya will be reading his document this year

A ship in harbour is safe,but that is not what ships are built for. St. Bede
why? [jammo]
Thursday, March 13, 2008 08:58

Why kq...plegged with pathetic service..blotted demoralised work force... If kq didn't make cut when other airlines suspended flights to here..what is it doing now that kina virgin air are back?? Tena na dabo!! 06 acounts weren't good..07 was worse..lost plane..please note price rally was sparked by attempts to cost average..its a good buy chini ya 50..i still maintain..especially speculative reasons. NIC... maybe but Why? KcB....i understand but why bull run..with ipos and rights and private placements..n possibility of equity getting nyaga..attention on kcb might wane Kengen... again Why Speculations had us wait for a big announcement tuesday on safcom..please give facts why you choose this counters.

hey [the_ugandan]
Wednesday, March 12, 2008 15:34

is that before or after the Safcom IPO,if you buy now you will lose money over the safcom offer period!!! whats the point?
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