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Press Release: AccessKenya & Safaricom Sign Voice Interconnection Agreement - Thursday, October 04, 2007

AccessKenya, Kenya’s leading Corporate Internet Service Provider today announced the signing of an Interconnection Agreement with Kenya’s largest telecommunications service provider, Safaricom Limited. The Interconnection allows both operators to have a direct connection with each other to exchange voice traffic bound for each other’s networks. With the interconnection, AccessKenya can now offer their existing customers calls to Safaricom where the calls will be routed directly to Safaricom and using their Least Cost Routing solution, calls destined for the Safaricom network can be routed seamlessly through Yello without users having to specifically select Yello as their provider to route the calls. This now supplements the core of AccessKenya’s voice services which currently offer free calls to other Yello subscribers and also offers high quality, low cost international calls.

Both parties have had extensive technical discussions regarding the Interconnection to ensure that the service runs effectively, efficiently and seamlessly. Jonathan Somen, AccessKenya Managing Director said “By working closely with Safaricom on a technical level, we have been able to ensure that the connection between our companies works efficiently for both our customers. In addition, the interconnection directly between our networks allows for exchange of top quality voice traffic based on a robust service level agreement.”

Somen further commented “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Safaricom for their professionalism as well as their commitment to complete the interconnection with us. It is this commitment from them as a large player in the telecoms industry that will help to encourage fair and healthy competition in the Voice market.” Mr. Somen also said how pleased he was to see Safaricom setting an example to other industry players and taking the lead by opening their doors for other licensed operators to get interconnections.

Commenting at the signing ceremony Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph said “We are happy to interconnect with people who have a valid licence and who will give us genuine legal traffic which is of quality.”

In reference to rolling out services subsequent to the interconnection, Somen stated that “We will with immediate effect offer services to our existing clients and provide them with a very attractive package for calling into the Safaricom network. Those already subscribed to our Yello service can use the service immediately.”
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